The Cactus Stunt is the 5th episode of The Coyote & Road-Runner Show.


Wile was chasing The Road-Runner when he saw something falling out of the sky. It was a naked man falling head 1st with a parachute. The man landed in a cactus and started screaming "Woah! Woah! Woah woah! Woah!" Wile laughed because he thought it was so funny that he took a picture of the guy and starts selling merchindice of the naked guy diving in the cactus and dubbed him "The Naked Cactus Idiot."

Later the guy walked out of the hospital after getting all the prickles taken out of him. As he walks home The Road-Runner runs next to him. "Oh hello. Whats your name?" asked Shaggy. "Meap Meap!" replies Meap Meap. "Cool," said Shaggy as he walks in town. Meap Meap runs by Wile's stand were he was selling The Naked Cactus Idiot merchandise. Meap Meap buys one as Wile tells him "Hey Meaper! You got to admit that this guy was stupid of what he did but its sooooo funny!" As Wiley continuess laughing & selling & making money Shaggy walks by. He sees what Wile is doing and gets angry about it.

Wile's eyes widened. Shaggy beats up Wile. "What the heck was that for! Your the one who was stupid enough to be naked & dive in the cactus like that!" roared Wile. "It's not my fault!" said Shaggy and explained what really happened. He was in a plane with some cruel gangsters. They ripped off his clotehs and pushed him off the plane and he fell into a cactus. Wile feels bad for the giy and decides to stop selling mercahnidse of him.

Shaggy walks home but starts crying wile watching AFV because AFV showed him when h e was naked & dived into that cactus. Later Wile was chasing Meap Meap. "Don't you ever give up!" shouted Wile. Meap Meap ran near a cliff. Wile's eyes widened and he stops to stop himself but he went off the cliff and was standing in mid air. "This is going to be conforceful," said Wile and he fell down the cliff.


  • This is the first episode for Wile to actually be treating Meap Meap like a friend.
  • When this episode first aired it was called "A Naked Guy Diving Into A Cactus" and featured That Awesome Dude Who Is Awesomer Than You as the guy and their was a bleeped out cuss word. This was all changed in re-runs.

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