The Coyote and Road Runner Show
The Coyote & Road-Runner Show is a fanon spin-off series.


Wile and The Road-Runner move to the suburbs and they both rent out a room in a house owned by a somewhat-eccentric landlord named "Pen Washington." The episodes usually feature Wile trying the catch The Road-Runner and make him into some kind of tasty dinner since all the stores are out of roadrunner meat so he can't just buy some.


Season 1 (2012)

This season served as a test on whether the series should be picked up or not. Five episodes were produced.

Season 2 (2014-present)

After the first season of the show, it was abandoned but was later picked up for a second season due to fans wanting it back.

Upcoming Episode Trivia

  • There will be an upcoming Coyote & Road-Runner Show episode featuring a famous Looney Tunes guest-star: Bugs Bunny!