Faceless Hunter



Chun Yull is a Faceless Hunter of Klaramar, a subatomic Saturnian moon. With orange skin, pointy ears and a average height of nine feet; the Faceless Hunter's most unique feature is having no face. He is also armed with a small arsenal of advanced technology for long and short range combat. However, for being a hunter, he was a social outcast. Yull desired to conquer and became the herald of Starro. He approached the alien conqueror and offered a bargain: destroy his peace loving planet and he would become its agent. When Starro arrived on Klaramar, it learned mind control had no effect on the native people so the moon was destroyed.

The bargain was honored and Faceless Hunter became Starro's agent. For an unknown amount of time, Faceless Hunter traveled the universe and scouted planets and civilizations for new feeding grounds to satisfy his master. He also amassed an impressive display of organic and inorganic trophies: Brainiac, a Thanagarian, a Parademon, Gleek, a Mother Box, a Sun Eater, and Excalibur. He also had a separate display named the Hall of Vanquished Heroes, for champions he slained in combat, as well.

Faceless Hunter journeyed with Starro clones a billion light years to Earth and began to systematically neutralize Earth's defenses. Upon landing on Dinosaur Island, he struck at Atlantis and placed them all under the control of Starro. In a short time, he nearly had three dozen superheroes implanted with Starro clones.

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