Bugs and Daffy is eating at Pizzriba. Daffy says that he is going to have to eat dinner with Tina, and her parents for the first time tomorrow and he is very worried about it. Then he asks Bugs what was it like meeting Lola's parents. Then they have a conversation about her, and Bugs wonders what was Lola's childhood like. The next day, Bugs asks Lola about her past. She hesitates for a moment, then changes the subject. Then Bugs excuses himself and sneaks into Lola's bedroom. He opens the closet and looks for a scrapbook so he can look at photos of Lola when she was a kid, only to be busted by Lola herself. Anais then notices, and Bugs explains to her. Anais first looks confused, then bursts out "i've been wanting to do this for soooo long." Meanwhile Tina's father (Mr.Russo)turns out to be very strict and dosn't laughs at Daffy's jokes. Tina notices that Daffy is feeling very uncomfortable, and gets embarassed. Mr. Russo makes Daffy even more uncomfortable by telling the story of how he battled a man named Horrible Harlod. The story's disgusting and bloody scences makes Daffy immediately excuses himself to the washroom, then Tina gets REALLY embarassed. The episode ends with Bugs and Anais. They are at Bugs's house and is reading Lola's diary, they managed to get it. However, the diary has so many disgusting and bloody entries causing Bugs go to the washroom, and Anais to get a bag and throw up. Lola snickers, and she reveals to the audience her REAL diary, and says that " they'll never know."