The Looney Tour is the
The Looney Tunes Show Fanon Wiki
first episode of The Looney Tunes Show With Travis!.


Bugs and Daffy decide to give Travis the ultimate tour of the neighborhood. So they take Travis on a looney, looney, tour!


Travis woke up in his bed. He walked out of his room and put a double chocolate chip muffin in the microwave for 30 seconds. He poured himself a glass of milk. His muffin was done. He took and out and started eating it. He took a sip of milk. He continued eating as Bugs and Daffy jumped out of nowhere. "SUPRISE!!!" they shouted. "AHHH!" Travis screamed. "We're going to take you on a Looney Tour!" Bugs said. "You are?" Travis asked. "Yes!" they shouted. Travis finished his breakfast and they walked to Yosemite Sam's house. "I don't think this is a good idea," said Travis. "Sam? He's alittle hardcore but it's not like he randomly shoots guns at people," Bugs. "Uhh...actually in the original Looney T-" Travis said but was interrupted by Sam thumping the door open. "GET! GET! YA VARMINTS!!!" he shouted and started shooting wildly. Travis slammed the door shut and they ran over to Granny's house. Travis rung the doorbell. Travis rung the doorbell. Granny opened the door. "Hey, Granny!" said Bugs. "I'm not your Granny. Call me Emma," she said. "Oh, well we just wanted to introduce you to Travis. He's a new kid in our neighborhood and he'll be staying with us," Bugs said. "How wonderful! Well, Travis you're welcome to come here anytime!" said Emma. "Thanks, Emma!" said Travis and they left. They headed to Witch Lezah's place. They rung the doorbell. Witch Lezah answered. "Oh, hello! We'd like to introducve you to Travis! Maybe he and Gossamer could hang out together sometime," said Bugs. "Why that'd be wonderful!" she said. "And Daffy, stay away from my son!" she said. "Well, I helped him become popular!" said Daffy. She slammed the door shut. They left and headed to Antiques. "Oh, no. I'm not going to see those gophers," Daffy said and walked away. They walked in. "Why hello!" they both said in unison. "Uhh...hi. We'd like to introduce you to Travis. He's a kid that will be staying with us for a while. "Delightful!" said Mac and both of them started laughing. "Umm...okay?" said Travis walking out of the store. "Cool that I got to meet all the Looney Tunes characters," he said.==Trivia==

  • It aired November 17 2012.

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