This is an alternate version of the first season from The Looney Tunes Show. In this alternate universe 26 episodes would have aired during Season 1 between May 1st, 1999 to January 29th, 2000. The first 21 episodes aired in 1999 with the last 5 episodes airing in 2000. This season would have aired on Cartoon Network between 1999-2000 on this timeline. Repeats came to Kid's WB in 2001, Nicktoons in 2002, The Hub between 2010-2014 and Discovery Family in 2014.


Title Card
Original Air Date
No Image Available 1 1 "Best Fiends"
May 1st, 1999
Daffy decides the duo can make a quick buck by going on the game show Besties, where best friends answer questions about one another.

No Image Available 2 2 "Members Only"
May 8th, 1999
Bugs meets Lola and the two go out on a date, but while Bugs finds Lola more annoying, Lola becomes more infatuated with Bugs; Bugs even tells Daffy that he thinks Lola is insane.

No Image Available 3 3 "Out on a Limb"
May 15th, 1999
On a excursion to the Grand Canyon, Daffy is arrested and sent to court for littering the Grand Canyon and refusing to pay the fine. He tries to place the blame on Porky and then on Bugs. While on the witness stand, Bugs becomes annoyed by Daffy and the two begin to bicker, prompting the annoyed judge to throw both of them in jail on contempt of court charges.

No Image Available 4 4 "Fish & Visitors"
May 22, 1999
Yosemite Sam comes up with a plan to take his house off the grid by adding solar power panels to reduce his electricity bills. But when the rainy season disrupts his plan, he starts depending on Bugs and Daffy heavily and eventually becomes too much of a burden for them to handle, prompting them to get rid of him.

No Image Available 5 5 "Monster Talent"
May 29th, 1999
Daffy tries to prepare Gossamer for a school talent show to help him make friends per request of his mother, Witch Lezah. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes an instant celebrity when he stars in Speedy's frozen pizza commercial, which starts to get annoying when people began badgering him to say his quote from the commercial.

No Image Available 6 6 "Working Duck"
June 5th, 1999
Daffy loses his job as a security guard after sleeping on the job during a night-time bank robbery, so he vows to get a new job. After several weeks pass, and all Daffy produces is a less than impressive resume, Bugs kicks him out of the house for a while. However, when Daffy starts trying to pull his own weight (literally), Bugs signs him up as a muffin man for EnormoCorp.

No Image Available 7 7 "Casa de Calma"
June 12th, 1999
Bugs and Daffy go to a vacation resort.

No Image Available 8 8 "Devil Dog"
June 19th, 1999
Thanks to Pete Puma's bumbling, the vicious Tasmanian Devil escapes from the zoo and Bugs (mistaking the ravenous beast for a dog) decides to adopt him. This causes constant terror for Daffy and Bugs' other neighbors, until Speedy helps Bugs tame the Tasmanian Devil for the upcoming dog show.

No Image Available 9 9 "Foghorn Leghorn Story"
June 26th, 1999
Daffy ends up portraying Foghorn Leghorn in a movie, but fails miserably ending up in a fist fight. Bugs and Yosemite Sam find a vase buried in the backyard, which Sam thinks does something (due to his stupidity) as Bugs says it could be interesting.

No Image Available 10 10 "Eligible Bachelors"
July 3rd, 1999
Lola Bunny ends a bidding war for Bugs when she puts $100,000 on the table. She flies Bugs to Paris to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Versailles hoping the City of Lights will lead to amour. However, Lola's constant jabbering dampers any chance for love. Daffy is a much cheaper date and Granny bids on him so she can have some help cleaning her attic.

No Image Available 11 11 "To Bowl or Not To Bowl"
July 10th, 1999
Daffy is attempting to win a bowling tournament with Porky, Marvin and Pete against his high school rival Terry Delgado. But when Bugs shows up the others favor him over Daffy, which causes Daffy to reveal that being the leader is the only way he has esteem.

No Image Available 12 12 "Newspaper Thief"
July 17th, 1999
Daffy's morning newspaper seems to be missing, so he concludes there's a thief in the neighborhood—just hours before he and Bugs host a dinner party for their neighbors (in an attempt to prevent them from suing him for Daffy's antics).

No Image Available 13 13 "Sunday Night Slice"
July 24th, 1999
Bugs Bunny recaps the time on how Speedy Gonzalez started Pizzariba. It started on the day a pizza restaurant named Girardi's closed down when Mr. Girardi made his fortune and retired. Bugs Bunny takes action by buying Girardi's and ends up getting help from Daffy, Porky, Marvin the Martian, and Pete Puma.

No Image Available 14 14 "The DMV"
July 31st, 1999
After running a stop sign when taking Bugs to the movies, Daffy must take a driving test in order to get a driver's license when his VW parade float car is impounded and left to rust. The same thing happens to Lola (who ends up running a red light and not having her driver's licence) and Porky (whose driver's license expired). Even if they passed the written test, their driving instructor is Yosemite Sam.

No Image Available 15 15 "Off Duty Cop"
August 7th, 1999
Daffy goes to see his idol Steve St. James, a character on Off Duty Cop played by Leslie Hunt. After meeting Hunt and realizing his character isn't real, Daffy pretends to be Steve St. James and starts "arresting" innocent people for supposed crimes with Porky acting as Daffy's chauffeur (which the chauffeur character being named Brandon Steel many times on the show). Meanwhile, Bugs drinks less coffee on Dr. Weisberg's orders, but Yosemite Sam sells him an energy drink called Spargle as an alternative which Bugs gets hooked on.

No Image Available 16 16 "French Fries"
August 14th, 1999
During a lunch at Pizzarriba, Porky announces he has tickets to the playoff game. But when he eats what Daffy thinks are his french fries, Daffy never speaks to Porky ever again. It was just a simple misunderstanding, but Porky cancels the trip to the game anyway. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam practices a field goal to win $1 million, but with little success.

No Image Available 17 17 "GameDuck"
August 21st, 1999
Daffy obsesses over a game when he takes Gossamer to an arcade. Meanwhile, Bugs and Yosemite Sam get stranded in the desert, so they keep hitching rides to get back home.

No Image Available 18 18 "Double Date"
August 28th, 1999
After winning a romantic evening for two (by rigging a contest, of course), Daffy must find the right partner to bring on a dream date at a fancy restaurant. Lola attempts to help him and provides him with a script of what every woman wants to hear, but he reads everything on it aloud in her presence causing Lola herself to become smitten. However, Daffy has already decided that he wants to bring Tina, a tomboyish duck who works at the Copy Place.

No Image Available 19 19 "Bugs & Daffy Get a Job"
September 4th, 1999
Daffy has taken to snoring, so a sleep-deprived Bugs nearly pushes him off a building before both agree to visit a medical center. Daffy is offered a surgery for his deviated septum, but he learns he has a small bump on his beak, and when he elects for plastic surgery exaggerates his wishes leaving him with no beak. After visiting Porky at his accountant job, Bugs decides to get a job there, but this proves fatal for Porky's work ethic.

No Image Available 20 20 "That's My Baby"
September 11th, 1999
Tina enlists Daffy to babysit her nephew. Meanwhile, Bugs learns why Daffy calls Porky a bummer when Porky falls for every upsell that is offered to him, and what's worse is that Porky doesn't know the difference between an upsale and a good offer.

No Image Available 21 21 "Beauty School"
September 18th, 1999
While working on Tina's beauty school homework, Daffy helps her on difficult cuts and finds out that he enjoys it. However, Tina quits beauty school after getting sought for promotion at work, forcing Daffy to pose as Tina. Meanwhile, Bugs attends dance lessons with Porky under the identity of Catherine (in an attempt to prove that he looks good when he crossdresses), but this leads to Lola thinking Bugs isn't being faithful, and Speedy falls in love with his disguise.

No Image Available 22 22 "Dreams"
January 1st, 2000
Bugs keeps having the same dream over and over in which he is flying through clouds in the sky, while Sam and Daffy try to find a new hat for Sam.

No Image Available 23 23 "Gopher It"
January 8th, 2000
Mac and Tosh warn Daffy playing in traffic is dangerous, but he doesn't listen. In the hospital, Dr. Weisberg tells Daffy that he has 24 hours to live.

No Image Available 24 24 "The Shelf"
January 15th, 2000
Bugs Bunny seeks to add a place for his Nobel Prize and plans to put up the shelf himself and refuses any help thinking he's capable of doing it himself, but ends up destroying the house.

No Image Available 25 25 "Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder"
January 22nd, 2000
Daffy sees a news report about the Suburban Strangler and believes the description matches Porky, causing Daffy to think that Porky is the Suburban Strangler. Meanwhile, Lola stays at Bugs's house for six weeks after she breaks her leg during a check-up with Dr. Weisberg, forcing him to deal with Lola's antics.

No Image Available 26 26 "Point, Laser, Point"
January 29th, 2000
While helping Porky set up a online profile, Bugs thinks that Granny is lonely due to her living with just Sylvester and Tweety. So Bugs and Daffy take her out to entertain her in various ways. Meanwhile, Sylvester becomes obsessed with a Laser Pointer toy which causes him problems when he tries to get the red dot.


  • "Reunion", "Peel of Fortune" and "The Float" are replaced with "GameDuck", "Dreams" and "Gopher It" on this timeline.
  • "Jailbird and Jailbunny" is retitled "Out on a Limb" with Bugs and Daffy getting arrested for only 3 months instead of a year.
  • Daffy is less abused in Casa de Calma.

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