While The Looney Tunes Show may currently not be in production in the real world, it doesn't mean there can't be other seasons else where. In this alternate universe 30 episodes would have aired during Season 4 between January 3rd, 2003 to July 30th, 2004. The first 15 episodes aired in 2003 with the last 15 episodes airing in 2004. This season contains the 100th episode.


Title Card
Original Air Date
No Image Available 1 85 "Cultivation Theory"
January 3rd, 2003
This episode explains the topic of Cultivation.

No Image Available 2 86 "Imagination Station"
January 10th, 2003
Bugs tries to find his imagination.

No Image Available 3 87 "I'm Not Lion"
January 17th, 2003
A lion escapes from a zoo.

No Image Available 4 88 "Camping"
January 24th, 2003
Yosemite Sam and Wilie E. Coyote go camping in their backyards.

No Image Available 5 89 "Skunk Fu"
January 31st, 2003
Skunk helps Daffy learn karate.

No Image Available 6 90 "The Shortcut"
February 7th, 2003
Daffy tries to take a short cut but finds out the short cut is really the long way.

No Image Available 7 91 "River Sailing"
February 14th, 2003
The gang goes river boating.

No Image Available 8 92 "Bugs and Daffy Go to School"
February 21st, 2003
Bugs attends a grown ups school but is in the same class with Daffy.

No Image Available 9 93 "Give It All You Got"
February 28th, 2003
Yosemite Sam gives out more than he can chew.

No Image Available 10 94 "Road Trip"
March 7th, 2003
The gang goes on a road trip.

No Image Available 11 95 "Brain Dead"
March 14th, 2003
Bugs plays a joke on Daffy which goes too far.

No Image Available 12 96 "Spring Cleaning"
March 21st, 2003
Wile E. Coyote gets into gardening maintenance.

No Image Available 13 97 "Sam Looses the Boot"
March 28th, 2003
Yosemite Sam goes on a treasure hunt.

No Image Available 14 98 "Bugs vs Daffy"
April 4th, 2003
Bugs and Daffy decide to have a race.

No Image Available 15 99 "The Thing"
April 11th, 2003
Skunk finds a mysterious disk object but Yosemite Sam doesn't think it does anything.

No Image Available 16 100 "The 100th Episode"
April 23rd, 2004
The Looney Tunes celebrate the 100th episode.

No Image Available 17 101 "Bugs's Play"
April 30th, 2004
Bugs's new play becomes a hit.

No Image Available 18 102 "Safari Screams"
May 7th, 2004
Bugs throws a party in his house but doesn't invite Daffy.

No Image Available 19 103 "The Secret Code"
May 14th, 2004
Daffy and Tina find a secret code.

No Image Available 20 104 "A Wonderful Duck"
May 21st, 2004
Daffy wishes he was never born but finds out everyone's lives would be miserable without him.

No Image Available 21 105 "Wabbit Alone"
May 28th, 2004
Bugs is alone for the weekend.

No Image Available 22 106 "Bugs's Ball Bonanza"
June 4th, 2004
Bugs, Wilie, and Squeaks get some out door bonanza.

No Image Available 23 107 "The GPS"
June 11th, 2004
Bugs and Squeaks lose the GPS which gets the group lost.

No Image Available 24 108 "Episodic Samples"
June 18th, 2004
A new mini beach has been discovered which becomes a popular attraction and hang out place.

No Image Available 25 109 "Rise & Shine"
June 25th, 2004
The Looney Tunes get ready for their daily routines.

No Image Available 26 110 "Last Leaf"
July 2nd, 2004
Wile E. Coyote shows off his yard maintenance.

No Image Available 27 111 "Dragons and Spires"
July 9th, 2004
Daffy, Tina and Skunk get sucked into medieval times.

No Image Available 28 112 "The Way Out"
July 16th, 2004
Wilie and Yosemite Sam trick Daffy and Tina into getting trapped inside a maze.

No Image Available 29 113 "The Aquarium"
July 23rd, 2004
A new aquarium museum opens in town.

No Image Available 30-31 114-115 "Welcome to the Multi-Verse"
July 30th, 2004
Bugs, Squeaks, Daffy, Tina, Porky, Wile, Sam and Skunk get lost in the multi-verse and must find their way home.


  • Season 4 uses the same format as the previous season but with a few new locations introduced.

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