While The Looney Tunes Show may currently not be in production in the real world, it doesn't mean there can't be other seasons else where. In this alternate universe 30 episodes would have aired during Season 6 between 2007 to 2008. The first 15 episodes aired in 2007 with the last 15 episodes airing in 2008.


  1. Hide 'n' Seek Values
  2. Bugs' New Television
  3. Squeak's Night Out
  4. The Dayz After
  5. Ned Uses His Head
  6. Out of the Skunk
  7. Officer Sam
  8. Daffy's Catastrophe Nightmare
  9. Month and Day
  10. Super Friends
  11. A Day Without Tides
  12. Too Cool for School
  13. The Wrong Blew
  14. The Mystery of Hypno Shark
  15. The Fools of April
  16. Squabbits
  17. Foe or Friend
  18. Friday Night
  19. Desert Palace
  20. Journey To Africa
  21. Slumber Parties
  22. It Came From One Percent
  23. Journey Beyond Ned
  24. Skunk Seeks Help
  25. Ned and Daffy's Home Videos
  26. Radio Bugs
  27. Ancient Pyramids
  28. Emoticon Problems
  29. Tails On Hands
  30. Weekend Sauce

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