The Paycheck song is a song that appeared in the episode The Day the Vomit Vanished In Thin Air. It is sung by The Paycheck & is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock's I'm Just a Bill.


Man: Well thats it sickmen. The Barf Show is gone. Instead we have something ever better!

Kid: Whats this a talking pile of scrap?

Paycheck: I'm not a pile of scrap, (singing) I'm a paycheck, yes I am a paycheck & I feel like I'm on the poopdeck. Thers a lot of bad people who missuse me, for the way that I should be realy used for is being transfired in for money, I am sick of being treated that way but usally theres nothing I can dooooooo.

Kid: (talking) Well what are you paychecks realy used for?

Paycheck: We are used to be transfired in for money & if you pay w/ a paycheck they send it in to your natinal bank & they trade it in for money.

Kid: Ya?

Paycheck: Ya, thats how we are used.

Mike: What the barf is this!?

Bugs: Some old educatinal show I used to watch when I was a kid. It helped me learned a lot.

Mike: This has nothing to do with vomit! We need more grossness for this duff.

Kid: Its not easy being a paycheck is it?

Paycheck: No, (singing) and if someone tries to missuse me I'll tell him to "shut up" & then, I'll kick his buuuuutttttt.

Man: (talking) Hey Paycheck! I'll trade you in for money & I'll do it fairly!

Paycheck: Oh yes! Cheers everyone!

(All other paychecks singing For Hes a Jolly Godd Fellow)


This song is not a Merrie Medlody.

Jack Sheldon who voiced the Bill in Schoolhouse Rock voiced The Paycheck.

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