The Picnic is episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Floyd and Dusty try to buy lunch from a seaside grill.


  • Samuel Vincent as Floyd Minton
  • Frank Welker as Deputy Dusty
  • Kelly Hu as Miyumi
  • Linda Cardellini as Marice Fleah


  • Floyd Minton: Well, this is the spot. The girls are supposed to meet us here any minute. Hey, look! Let's get some lunch and surprise them with a picnic.
  • Deputy Dusty: Yeah!
  • Loopy De Loop: We be right there, fellers in a minute.
  • Floyd Minton: Okay. We got shirts and shoes. We here to buy something.
  • Yogi Bear: Alright. Good afternoon! What can we do for you, boys?
  • Floyd Minton: A malted, some onion rings, a big curly fries, and uh, Let's see, um... Look at those hot buns!
  • Snagglepuss: Yeah, I like to rub them buns with olive oil so, they don't get burned.
  • Miyumi: The boys are supposed to meet us right here.
  • Marice Fleach: I'm sure they're around here somewhere.
  • Miyumi: Yoo-hoo! Floyd!

  • Huckleberry Hound: How'd you like to pay for it?
  • Deputy Dusty: Cash.
  • (They produces Cash)
  • Quack-Up: Thank you, come again.
  • (Floyd and Dusty arrives)
  • Marice Fleach and Miyumi: Floyd! Dusty!
  • Floyd Minton: Hey, Girls!
  • Deputy Dusty: Care for a picnic?
  • Marcie Fleach and Miyumi: Yay!
  • Marcie Fleach: Now, about that picnic...
  • Floyd and Dusty: (Whistling)
  • (Dusty, Marcie, Floyd and Miyumi are walking on the beachside)
  • Loopy De Loop: Isn't that sweet?
  • Yogi Bear: Yep.

Secret Ending

  • Red Ryan: Man, check out the overgrown lizards. This is one crazy, mixed-up island.
  • Ace Morgan: That meteorite hit the ground near these coordinates. Are you picking up anything on your gizmo, prof?
  • [Beeping]
  • Professor Mark Haley: I'm getting a strong reading in this direction, Ace.
  • Rocky Davis: Whoo-ee! That rock packed a heck of a punch.
  • Professor Mark Haley: I wanna get some samples for analysis. Careful. That meteorite's highly radioactive.
  • Red Ryan: Hey, prof, get a load of this.
  • [All Grunting AND Groaning]
  • [To be continued...]

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