The Space Races
Season 4, Episode 14
Episode Guide
"Big Craves"

The Space Races is upcoming episode of The Looney Tunes Show


Bugs and his friends are entering the Space Race. The Competitors (listed by vehicle number) included:. In the end Bugs, Daffy, Yogi, Hucklberry Hound, Doggie Daddy, Augie Doggie, Quick Draw McGraw, Baba Looey, Top Cat, Benny the Ball, Secret Squirrel, Morocco Mole, Hokey Wolf, Ding-A-Ling Wolf, Snooper and Blabber, Pixie and Dixie, Snagglepuss, Mr. Jinks, Cindy Bear and Boo-BooBear are tie in first place.

00. Dick Dastardly & Dread Baron

  1. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
  2. Porky Pig and Petunia Pig
  3. Foghorn Leghorn and Miss Prissy
  4. Marvin the Martian and K-9
  5. Witch Lezah and Gossamer
  6. Tweety and Sylvester
  7. Speedy Gonzales and Slowpoke Rodriguez
  8. Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound
  9. Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie
  10. Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey
  11. Top Cat and Benny the Ball
  12. Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole
  13. Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling Wolf
  14. Snooper and Blabber
  15. Mac and Tosh
  16. Pixie and Dixie
  17. Hubie and Bertie
  18. Snagglepuss and Mr. Jinks
  19. Cindy Bear and Boo-Boo Bear


  • (Episode begin at Bug's House)
  • Man on radio: Attention Space lovers around the world to race of space race to win $1000 must enter at the Books & News.
  • Daffy: Bugs we gonna enter the Space Race
  • Bugs: Really?
  • Daffy: Yeah


  • Dan Aykroyd, Mark Schiff, James Arnold Taylor, Frank Welker, John Stephenson, Greg Berg Tom Kenny, Jess Harnell, Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen and Neil Ross reprise their role as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Peter Potamus, Augie Daddy, Augie Doggie, Top Cat, Benny the Ball, Secret Squirrel, Morocco Mole and Baba Looey.

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