Daffy decides to play a prank on Bugs. He puts a stinkbomb in Bug's bed. When Bugs goes to sleep that night the bomb does not set stink until the next day when Daffy came in to test it and it makes him stink. Josh Bumstead (who walked in the room) says it was a duck-stink bomb, it only has effects on ducks. He explains it was his way of getting back on Daffy for pushing him in the water in The Looney Tunes Show Goes to Disneyland. Daffy plans to get revenge but then he finds $100 on the ground. He takes it and buys some candy and eats it all. He then started acting all crazy. When he sees the Road Runner running down the road, Daffy licks the birds face. Road gets his revenge by kicking Daffy's butt and running off. Daffy then trys tourturing Porky, Lola, and even Tina. As Daffy on his sugar rush lets Rocky and Mugsy out of prison they break into Bugs's house and rob all of his stuff. Josh upon seeing this wile walking home tries to stop them but they run off. Bugs decides to send Daffy to a hospital to get rid of the sugar rush. A sobbing Josh runs up and tells Bugs he has been robbed. Bugs sends Daffy to the doctor and goes off to find Rocky and Mugsy. He ninja fights then puts them back in jail and gets his stuff back. When Daffy gets out of the hospital he is back to normal but Road Runner and Porky still keep beating him up.


Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny and Rocky & Mugsy

Teleram as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig

KitKat1894 as Lola Bunny and Tina Russo

MrJoshbumstead as Himself and Road Runner


Daffy: So did you smell anything last night?

Bugs: Eh no.

Daffy: What?

[Daffy goes in Bugs room and jumps in his bed. The stink starts as Daffys eyes turn green and fill with tears]

Daffy: Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

Josh: [laughing] Thats what you get for pushing me in the water at Disneyland! [walks downstairs still laughing]

Road Runner: Meep Meep! [pulls in frount of Daffy]

Daffy: QWETHRJEJSA! [licks Roadrunner's face]

Road Runner: Ewwwwww!!!! (angryly) Meep meep!

[Road Runner kicks Daffys butt as Daffy flies off screaming]

Daffy: Wasup girl?

Tina: Daffy stop it. Your embarising yourself!

Daffy: Eat the booger.

Tina: Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

[Tina vomits]

Rocky: Lets break in Mugsy.

Mugsy: Ok boss.

Josh: Give thoes stuff back!

Rocky: You do and I'll shoot you.

Josh: Oh no! [screams and runs off]

Josh: [crying] B-bugs. You were [sobs] robbed! I tried to stop them but they threatend to sh-shoot me.

Bugs: Really?

[Josh who is still crying nods his head]

Bugs: Why would that happen?

Josh: [cries harder] I don't know. I don't know.

Bugs: [hugs Josh] I'm not going to let that happen to me. I can get my stuff back. Besides I'm a really big stinker. [laughs evily]

Josh: Uh.......what?

Bugs: Eh sorry doc.

Josh: Oh no, you did nothing scarey. No need to apoligize.

Bugs: Are you sure?

Josh: Cross my heart. [smiles]

Bugs: Gice me my stuff back!

Rocky: No dumb rabbit.

Bugs: Eh ok doc, you asked for it!

[Bugs starts yelling like a ninja and fights Rocky and Mugsy]

[Rocky and a sobbing Mugsy are in jail]

Rocky: Shut up!

Mugsy: I can't! I'm way to stupid! [wails]

[Daffy walks out of the hospital]

Josh: Is he back to normal Bugs?

Bugs: I hope so.


Rocky and Mugsy were two villians from the original Looney Tunes cartoons.

Elmer Fudd makes a cameo in the episode but has no speaking lines.

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