Bugs, Porky, and Daffy decide to go to Pizzariba. When they cross the street, Porky gets hit by a speeding toe truck. Bugs gives Daffy a quarter to call an ambulance at the phone both. But instead, Daffy calls the actor Bradley Steven Perry and asks him for a hotdog. Bugs yells at Daffy "You idiot! You wasted our only quarter! Now how are we gonna call an ambulance to help Porky?!" Daffy replies "Well atleast I get a hotdog!"

Eventually Porky is taken to a hospital. Doctor Weisberg says that Porky will probably not survive. Bugs, Daffy, Speedy, Pete, and Marvin visit his hospital room. All of them are very sad about Porky. But then, Bradley Steven Porky walks into the hospital room and gives Daffy the hotdog he ordered. Daffy gives Porky the hotdog. Porky regains health and survives. Bugs says to the audience "Okay, we get it. But anything can happen when a celebrity gives you a hotdog!"


  • At the end of the credits, Porky is about to say "That's all Folks" but Bradley Steven Perry pushes him away, and then offers the audience a hotdog.
  • Bradley Steven Perry appeared in animated form, and voiced himself.

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