Bugs and Daffy get sick, so they are watching parodies of some of the most famous shows.

Parodies- (so far)

1. Friends; parodied as - Acquaintances

2. So Random! ; Parodied as- So UnPredicted!

3. Star Trek; Parodied as- Rabbit Trek

4. The Brady Bunch- The Skullhead Bunch

5. Kung Fu Panda; Parodied As- Karate Kangaroo

6. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?; Parodied As- Are you DUMBER than a 5th grader?

7.Americas Funniest Home Videos; Parodied As- Americas Most Painful Home Videos.

8. The Simpsons; Parodied as- The Fudds.


The parody "Acquaintances" is like the Animaniacs parody of Friends.

"The SkullHead Bunch" has a cameo from the skullhead guy from Animaniacs.

This is kind of like the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "K-Acme TV"