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  • MrJoshbumstead

    I don't remember who created it on this wiki but he has not been working on it for months and I miss reading new episodes. Is it going to come back soon? If the user wont make more can I take over or is the user still active?

    Heres the page: The Coyote & Road-Runner Show.

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  • MrJoshbumstead

    Roger Rabbit Fanon

    January 27, 2014 by MrJoshbumstead

    If you ever want to make any fan-fictions on Roger Rabbit I found a wiki for it. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fanon Wiki.


    Also check out my 2 fan fictions I made on there

    It's a Roger Rabbit Christmas:'s_a_Roger_Rabbit_Christmas

    How Eddie Valiant Stole Christmas:

    How Eddie Valiant Stole Christmas (transcript. on Random-ness wiki):

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  • MrJoshbumstead

    I'm just asking because I asked a few questions in the last few months (even though one of them is based on one of my fan-fictions I still thought it would be good to ask about a scene from Daffy the Genuis).

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  • MrJoshbumstead

    Hi. Do any of you remember Disney's House of Mouse? I thought it was a good show. I just made a fanfiction simular to that on the Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki called Bugs Bunny's House of Toons or House of Toons for short. Check it out. :D

    About the show:

    List of episodes:

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  • MrJoshbumstead

    Yup. I'm gunna be 17! Kind of old. I should make an episode about that. :D

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