• Travisplatypus

    "Eh, what's up docs? Today a new user named Doctor Bugs joined us today and is helping with keeping us active! Congratulations, Dr. Bugs!" - Bugs.

    "Hey! How come he's named Dr. Bugs? Why not Dr. Duck!!! Bugs isn't a doctor!!! There's no Dr. Bugs! But there is a Dr. Duck! Remember! Remember!" - Daffy.

    "This question's for me, Foghorn, Tina, and Porky and it's about Daffy. We were asked it by some wiki contributor. The question is "Why do you guys hang out with Daffy, even though he is so mean to you?" - Bugs.

    "Well, the reason I hang out with Daffy is because I like his flaws. Well, not all of them. But you know I like a project" - Tina.

    "I think everyone deserves a second chance. Well, I've given Daffy a thosand chances. Anyways, he's a pretty …

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  • Travisplatypus

    "No! How could he do this? HE CANCELED OUR FAN MAIL SHOW!!! WHY WIKIDUDE WHY!!!" - Daffy Duck.

    "Daffy! We're not canceled! Our episodes are just gonna be on blog now." - Bugs Bunny.

    "Oh. Well you could of said something earlier," - Daffy Duck.

    "Well, Season 2's gonna air pretty soon. October 2nd. I bet all of you are excited, huh? Anyways, since no episodes have been airing we aren't all set up and ready to go. So, most of the say minor characters can't answer now but the characters you can ask questions are Me, Daffy, Porky, Lola, Speedy, and Tina. For the rest of the characters, you'll just have to wait until they appear," - Bugs Bunny.

    "Wow, that was long. I couldn't even hardly read that because it was so long!" - Daffy Duck.

    "Hey, docs! It…

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  • Travisplatypus

    New Logo

    September 23, 2012 by Travisplatypus

    Hey, everyone!! I created an official logo for this wiki and Wikidude's gonna put my logo up! No more plain old text anymore. Soon my logo will be up and we'll have an official logo. My logo will make the wiki look great and more official! To see my logo just look down below!

    UPDATE: My photo has now been added and is the official logo for the wiki!

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