The Looney Tunes Show Fan Mail

Opening Scene

"Eh, what's up docs? Today a new user named Doctor Bugs joined us today and is helping with keeping us active! Congratulations, Dr. Bugs!" - Bugs.

"Hey! How come he's named Dr. Bugs? Why not Dr. Duck!!! Bugs isn't a doctor!!! There's no Dr. Bugs! But there is a Dr. Duck! Remember! Remember!" - Daffy.

First Question

"This question's for me, Foghorn, Tina, and Porky and it's about Daffy. We were asked it by some wiki contributor. The question is "Why do you guys hang out with Daffy, even though he is so mean to you?" - Bugs.

"Well, the reason I hang out with Daffy is because I like his flaws. Well, not all of them. But you know I like a project" - Tina.

"I think everyone deserves a second chance. Well, I've given Daffy a thosand chances. Anyways, he's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him," - Porky.

"For whatever reason, Daffy's my best friend and that is why I hang out with him," - Bugs.

Second Question

"Now, this questions for me. It was asked by our awesome new user, Dr. Bugs. "Yo Bugs, what's your opinion of Dr. Weisberg?" is what he asked. Well, doc he's a pretty nice guy. But he got his degree from a basketball school so..." - Bugs.

"It's also a doctor's school! Anyways, Dr. Bugs should've named himself Dr. Weisberg because I'm the only real doctor!" - Dr. Weisberg.

Third Question

"What are you talking about? I've appeared on The Looney Tunes Show plenty of times! If I didn't, how would I exist?" - Sylvester.

"He wanted Sylvester Jr." - Speedy.

"Oh." - Sylvester.

"We don't know who the heck that frog dude is but we were able to find Crusher!" - Speedy.

"The question was "Crusher, why don't you ever talk?" - Sylvester.

"Dude, get out of here. He didn't want you. He wanted Sylvester Jr." - Speedy.

"Geez. You're pushy. *walks away*" - Sylvester.

"Grrr....*punches the computer*" - Crusher.

Fourth Question

"This question was me me. It was asks by Dr. Bugs. "Cecil Turtle, what kind of job are you looking for, now that you lost your job as a customer service torturer?". I'm pretty sure I should be a hacker. I'll get to make more people miserable.  I hacked this account but I'm leaving when December starts because I don't wanna be around the "main cast". Bugs tricked me into turning his cable back on, Daffy fired me, and his girlfriend punched me Last New Year!" - Cecil Turtle.

"Wait, you hacked our account?" - Bugs.

"," - Cecil.

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