• Wikidude1234

    I noticed that a lot of things still need work on this website, such as the templates, Infoboxes, useless articles, useless categories, etc., so I have returned for a while to fix it all up. 

    Depending on how much I get used to the new users, I may or may not decide to stay. We'll see. All I know, for now, is that I'm ready to get editing again.

    • You may notice that the Delete template looks different now, and has now been locked. That would be my work. If anyone wants it changed, please contact me on my talkpage, and I will try to make it as best as possible. :)
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  • Wikidude1234


    January 10, 2013 by Wikidude1234

    Well, I think I'm going to leave this Wikia, so therefor I'm going to give someone an Adminship to keep the Wikia running. But, remember, if you become an Administrator, you just can't hand out an Adminship to other users, just because they're your friend, or whatever -- You need to remember that they need to earn that position. 

    It's been fun working on this Wikia, with you guys -- And how you've made this community grow, but over the time, I've grown a bit tired of checking this Wikia, every single day -- Removing bad edits, and so on, so on... So before I leave, I'm going to send a message to all of my good friends.

    MrJoshbumstead: Josh, I can't thank you enough for what you've done. You were the first person besides myself that actually …

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  • Wikidude1234

    Lugs or Laffy?

    August 2, 2012 by Wikidude1234

    I'm sure you guys have seen the Lugs and Laffy articles. Now it's your time to vote for which you like better: Bugs and Lola or Daffy and Lola. Cast your votes in the comments!

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  • Wikidude1234

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  • Wikidude1234

    I've recently looked around at this Wiki, and I've noticed that some stuff is kinda...missing. So, new things will be added to this Wiki.

    Things that will be coming...

    • Featured Articles, and Users. (click here to nominate your article!)
    • New sections will be added to articles.
    • More canon character pages will be added.
    • New Templates to keep your ideas safe.

    Note: Featured Articles and Users will change monthly, and Featured Users are coming soon, because of such a small amount of members.

    Edit: A Chatroom has been added, though nobody seems to ever come. The Chatroom is to be kept forever, though.

    Edit: A new user, Doctor Bugs, has been adding images to articles and creating articles. Keep up the good work, Doctor Bugs!

    Happy editing! --Wikidude1234 04:0…

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