My "Retirement"

Well, I think I'm going to leave this Wikia, so therefor I'm going to give someone an Adminship to keep the Wikia running. But, remember, if you become an Administrator, you just can't hand out an Adminship to other users, just because they're your friend, or whatever -- You need to remember that they need to earn that position. 

It's been fun working on this Wikia, with you guys -- And how you've made this community grow, but over the time, I've grown a bit tired of checking this Wikia, every single day -- Removing bad edits, and so on, so on... So before I leave, I'm going to send a message to all of my good friends.

Messages to my Friends

MrJoshbumstead: Josh, I can't thank you enough for what you've done. You were the first person besides myself that actually started editing. And you helped introduce other users to the website. Also, you're a really nice guy. I'll always remember you when I'm gone.

TravisplatypusPerryfan825: I have to admit, you have some clever ideas for Spin-Offs and Fan-Fictions. Plus, you've always kept a conversation going whenever we're on the Chat. We've had some laughs -- And some arguments before, but overall, the times we've had are good. 

Doctor Bugs: Even though you have some things to learn, such as working with file sizes, you've been a help with things throughout the Wikias history. I feel confident that you'll learn more in the future, though. Anyway, things you've done for the Wikia aside, you're, as most users on this Wikia, a good guy, and I'll remember you while I'm gone.

Ending Message...

This is the part of the blog where I hit publish, and leave. Perhaps someday we'll meet again, everyone. Though I wished we could've all been on the Chat together one day, all having a good time, it never worked out. Some stuff just doesn't work out like that. I hope that whoever I choose as the Administrator, will be active, work hard, and will be wise when deciding who will be the next Admin.

And, of course, that Admin is no other than Doctor Bugs. Doctor Bugs, I hope that you follow all the words of advice I've mentioned above, and will keep this Wikia going until the end. Good bye, The Looney Tunes Show Fanon Wikia. I'll remember you.

Note: I was going to give more messages to other people, but I don't know them well enough to write a whole Message to them. Sorry, I'm sure you'll all great users, though. :)

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