"Violence is not the answer, it is a question, the answer is Yes!", an epic showdown between the two most unstoppable and accessively Violent characters in warner bros. History.


Slappy Squirrel (Animaniacs), the grumpy, cranky, old veteren Looney tune who carries a giant mallet and enougth DYNAMITE to blow-up Greenland. She knows every trick in animation, she destroyed everyone who get's on her slightest nerve, and she personally shoved dynamite down Saddam Hussain's pants!


Minah Bird (Looney Tunes), the almighty terror of the African jungle in the form of a small depressed mynah bird who's strange and unorthidoux way of winning, allowed him to cameo every warner serise. He appears out of no where, Confuses and Suprises all other characters (as well as the audience), and personally sent a 28-ton dinosaur to the hospitle!

"Who Is Deadliest!"

Voice Cast



Slappy Squirrel


Minah Bird


Bugs Bunny (cameo) Wile E. Coyote (cameo)

Doctor Bugs

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