A Witch Doctor visits the city with Voodoo dolls. Meanwile Wile E. Coyote is chasing Road Runner but then Wiley starts feeling pain and nothing is happening to him. Josh Bumstead stops by to see the coyote and Wiley thinks that Voodoo is after him again and he freaks out. Josh tells Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny and Tina Russo that Wiley thinks Voodoo is after him again. But then everyone else starts feeling pain. All but Bugs beleves that Voodoo is after them too. Daffy and Josh find Wiley to see what has happend so far. So far the Coyote has been burned at his feet, choked by nothing and walked into water without controlling his legs. Roger Rabbit and Calamity Coyote come by telling them that Voodoo the witch doctor was after him as well. Bugs does not believe them but the Witch Doctor hipnotizes his Bugs doll and Bugs freezes up. Wiley claims that Bugs has turned into a zombie and everyone freaks out. As Josh and Roger were walking they find Voodoo's voodoo dolls and they distroy them. Bugs unfreezes and Wiley gets the cops to take the Witch Doctor away.

Merry Melody

Act Naturally


  • Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, The Witch Doctor
  • Teleram as Daffy Duck, The Cops
  • MrJoshbumstead as Himself, The Road Runner, Calamity Coyote
  • Lazaro Nightfury2 as Roger Rabbit
  • KitKat1894 as Lola Bunny and Tina Russo


Wiley: Ow, somethings poking me!

Road Runner: Meep Meep! (runs off)

Josh: Oh hey Wile E. What are you doing?

Wiley: Something poked me but there is nothing there!

Josh: Wouldent that be a cramp?

Wiley: No.

Josh: Then what could it be?

(Long pause)

Wiley: (freaking out) IT'S VOODOO!

(Josh gasps)

Roger Rabbit: Help me p-p-p-p-please! Voodoo the witch doctor is after me!

Calamity: Uh oh (screams)

Bugs: Why do you guys beleive in such stuff? There is no such thing as witch doctors (he freezes)

Josh: Bugs? Bugs?

Roger: What happend to him?

Wiley: (freaking out) Oh no! He froze. Do you know what this means?

Josh" What?

Wiley: Bugs Bunny has turned into a zobie!!!!!!

Calamity: (screams)


Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Calamity Coyote from Tiny Toon Adventures gueststar in this episode.

This episode is simular to the Gilligan's Island episode "Voodoo".

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